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Tarot 2023 Newsletter

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Tarot 2023 Newsletter

Terri Wanjiku
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The What

2023 is a Chariot year. The Chariot talks to us about forging our own path, moving forward with intention, and trusting in the unfolding path - even when we don't know where it's headed.

It's a powerful archetype to work with if you feel ready to make some big changes this year.

The How

Each month, we'll explore one card's relationship to The Chariot.

Why? Because in tarot, cards are relational. While you can gain a ton from working with an individual card, it's when you pair it with another that you really see its strengths + weaknesses.

To really understand how to activate our inner Charioteer, we need to learn which energetic relationships bring out its best side, and which ones cause tension + conflict.

It's a lot to cover each month, and it's easy to get lost. So I've broken it down into shorter weekly posts that get straight to the point, giving you what you need to know without any filler or fluff.

The Cards

January: Ace of Pentacles

February: Seven of Pentacles

March: King of Pentacles

April: Queen of Wands

May: Seven of Wands

June: The Empress

July: Five of Swords

August: Ten of Wands

September: Seven of Wands

October: Five of Cups

November: Knight of Pentacles

December: Two of Swords

By the end of the 12 months, you'll have:

  • A much richer understanding of yourself
  • Stronger trust in your intuition + connection with Spirit
  • Deeper clarity around your spiritual beliefs + practice
  • The knowledge and the knowing to make healthier choices

Here's some of the highlights you can look forward to:

12 months, 12 artists
By using different decks each month, we're able to explore Chariot energy from different perspectives.
Weekly write-ups
Brief enough to fit into your busy day, but packed with what you need to know.
Depth over breadth
How much do you think you'd grow in 1 year if your spiritual practice was focused + intentional? (My guess: a lot!)
No fortune-telling
This offering doesn't predict your 2023, nor do I believe in prediction. Although I use tarot cards, this work is designed around personal development.
Say your piece
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